Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Centerpiece

After almost 10 years in our home, we redecorated our living room / dining room in a yellow and grey theme. We have a new dining room set being delivered soon that I'm super excited about and it.  It's sort of farm house style table with a modern twist.  I plan to strip and refinish the server we have and then will swap out the light fixture with something more rustic to complete the look. 

I decided to make a centerpiece for the soon to be delivered dining room table.  Spring is in the air so I was inspired to make a floral centerpiece.   I bought a square glass vase, some Krylon Looking Glass spay paint, some floral foam and bunch of flowers.

I sprayed the vase and then distressed it a little bit with some fine sand paper.  I didn't want it to look like a mirror.  I wanted it to have a little character.    I used some wire snips to cut apart the bunch of flowers and ranged them in the foam. 

This whole project took about 20 minutes including the drying time,  Can't beat that!

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  1. ça fait du bien au moral de changer de mobilier et de décoration....c'est trop joli gris, jaune et vert, ce sont les couleurs de pâques! bonne installation!


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