Monday, December 26, 2011

My new Ribbon Carousel

I spent my morning assembling my new 8 post Ribbon Carousel and adding my vintage seam binding and Valentine's Day Ribbon to all of the solid maple hour-lass spools and just had to share it with all of you.  If you love ribbon, you NEED one of these!  I am not fortunate enough to have a craft room.  I have turned my dining room closet into my craft closet.  I don't have the space to mount a big 'ol ribbon rack on the wall.   SO, this 8 post ribbon carousel is IDEAL!  

I get almost of my ribbon and twine from the Ribbon Carousel.  If you haven't checked out the online store, do it.  Prices are great and you can't beat the selection.  Anyway, I was storing my ribbon by the in a large zip lock bag.  I know.  Fancy, huh?  This is SO much better!  Here are my pros and cons:


1.  You can easily see what you have for stock and when you are getting low on on a certain something.
2. The carousel spins.
3. The carousel is only 7" in diameter so it fits right on my shelf and takes up very little space.
4.  No more tangled ribbon messes.


1. An empty spool is an invitation to buy more ribbon to fill it.  No one wants to see any empty spool.
2. I have come to the realization that I hoard ribbon and one carousel is not enough.  

I plan to buy a another 8 post carousel to add the other ribbon I have as well as all of my baker's twine that I have been collecting in various colors.   The only other ribbon I buy is from PTI when I want a perfect match to the PTI card stock which is the only kind I buy.  I also plan to get a 4 post ribbon carousel to store my spools of PTI ribbon.  If you''ve got some Christmas cash to spend, I highly recommend the ribbon carousels!  

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  1. What a GREAT and thoughtful review girl!! Thank you so very much! I really, truly appreciate it.


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